Branding an idea.

Branding in simple words.

What is a branding? sometimes I feel it may be a million dollar question with a lot of loop holes to be filled.

Branding has came a long way from branding your livestock.

The  modern world branding is like designing  a 100 level office structure resembling your logo.

Branding is a process or an organism which can grow tremendously with right conditions or can be a still born even with the right conditions but ideas without a spine.

The story of  Round Glass fellows logo.

“Round Glass Fellows” they are an organization or we can call it anNGO.

They help people especially children to make their still born idea into a reality.

Do you have an idea that you think can change the world?  you know the right place to go.


When they approached us, they put their idea in simple three words on the table.

We want to see people as if we are some superheros

And they explained and stated what they want to be.

After a series of talks and exchanging ideas, a strategy started to form as scribbles and sketches.

branding ideas


First Step – try to get the maximum out of client

Always try to know and understand what the client need . Don’t bug them but let them believe that the more you spill your idea the more we can incorporate.

Once you develop a strategy for the idea development watch how the ideas taking shape with a broad mind. Like where it can hit, what feeling it will incorporate such and such stuff.


Concept Visualization and sharing the idea with the client.

Once we have a visual representation of our idea enhance it to the fullest and share it with the client. And explain the idea in a manner how we have executed this ideas as per the client’s guidance.

Feedback time :

Feedback is like taking tickets for a movie out of the blue, it can go beyond expectations or it will drag you straight to the hell.

So being frank, our first concept was not approved. But it gave us valuable guidelines in knowing what the client need.

Connecting the missing dots.

What went wrong last time?

That is the main question we need to answer to yourselves here.

Brood till you drop or just think broadly after a drink.

  • Do the client need to say a story through the logo?
  • Do they need to state something
  • Do they want it to resemble something.
  • Or they need an amazing shape which can be connected along to reflect the idea being anonymous.

In our case the last point connected actually.

“Round Glass Fellows” RG  from their name came hit us like a jackpot.

next question how we can escalate the idea here through these simple two words.

They were obsessed with the shape “Round ” (circle)

So we have arranged the wordings in that manner and just like they wanted and we made it look like a mystical long lost diamond.

And this shape was born as a diamond in the sky.



note: presentation is always valuable, present it like what you wanted it to be.

Now the logo part is over

So now begins the Branding.

Sub Brands.

Do you want to develop your company with lot of Sub branches?

Of course we do right!  so think like a client and as you seek Ideas, plan how you can tweak them for sub brands.

It can be for sub brands or even some events, always plan ahead how well you can use this shape.

RG sub brands



RG Sub brands



Design Posters with emotional content to enhance the idea.



A well execute Branding presentation

While presenting the logo you can’t recreate or design their office buildings and other essential collateral as well.

But what you can do here is giving ideas, how they should approach the process and make them consult us to further design process.

I will spread out some of the ideas we gave them, including the website design (that we did for them)

rg website




Check our website for more ideas.

website (BrandMills)

See the full presentation here.











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One Plus Years, a Startup, and a lot of Dreams


“Best startup generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch”

Michael Arrington

(Founder Techcrunch)


A lot of strangers will come and advise us, if we try to do something that we love to do,  for example starting your dream startup. No offense to our close friends who did really cared for us.Stepping out of your comfort zone is a risk in a lot of ways. Don’t get upset, here comes some proverbs and great words said by some great people  for the rescue.For Example “A journey of a Thousand miles starts with one Step”.I know right, the same usual cliche, If you want something to happen,  go for it, follow your Guts that’s it.Now let me tell a story of three young men, who started a Startup.Please Note: It’s not that kind of story, how a small startup magically becomes a multi-billion corporate within a few years.

This is a story of a startup these three young men started, and how did they complete one year, how they feared their hindrances, how they tried to find happiness at little things.Let’s call these guys A, B, and C, for three years they worked in the same place, first A joined followed by B and C, they get to know each other and came to know, they don’t have anything in common.It was fruitful three years filled with happiness, awesome designs, and abstracted ideas.

As time passed they started to sense something is not right, same table same computer yet they enjoyed the total atmosphere, but still something is missing.So A, B, and C accidentally stumbled over each other one day with this thought, and with an ecstasy of a moment, they shared their thoughts and did hit a chord. So with fewer resources in their hand a head full of dreams (Coldplay) they decided to found their own firm. Many names came through “Three Monkey’s ” was the best, considering their inhibitions, but yet they decided to call it “BrandMills”, the meaning is simple even though it sound sophisticated, it means a  place where you can give your brand an interesting avatar, not bad huh?.

Planning their startup


So their firm got a name, what’s the next step, obviously office space right, Nah they thought of traveling instead. It was 2 in the  morning, somehow they arranged their dirty clothes, and called it packing.

Day 1: They lodged a bus  to Alappuzha (A tourist place in India where a lot of foreigners visit, and yell wow at everything).

Day 2: They roamed through the beaches and backwaters.

Day 3: They called their home office!

Well, obviously they got their first project, and many followed, and  they lived Happily ever After.

No!  This is not a fairy tale to finish it that way, first pay which followed  by bills and necessities, electricity, internet “FOOD” travel, “BEERS”. But projects did follow money did follow along with above-mentioned needs.

It was a tear-filled  and emotion-filled night, the day they got their first pay, they thanked God for making their lives beautiful and awesome, they were sky high with their dreams (hope it was something else) they hugged each other and danced with joy, yeah and  a lot of crappy stuff  like that, Napkins anybody?

As they flowed along with their fate and designs, they ended up with a record of a decent number of projects and a decent office, plus 4 employees.

Now let’s get serious, They themselves don’t call a success nor a failure, and they won’t be a failure, their designs are dearer to many, they try to bring an awesome working culture where no one is an employee, just friends who work together to make something good. A good design comes from a naive mind since a design is always pious.

When they are done with a good deal, they set a plan, like eating out or a small trip to nearby hill stations, including  all employees, I mean Friends.

The first rule to follow in a design firm never deliver the final design without getting the full payment.

As a startup, they kinda did that, and some certain clients after getting the final designs, said a cruel joke straight in their face “We can’t pay, We are so happy we made a fool out of you”. Well, I wanted to scream their names here, but they  didn’t allow me (ethics (crap)).

They don’t want to get comfort, they want to fight every day (thanks to Mind shift inspirational videos). They are still fighting, they are going to make a big name for their firm, some day they dream of featuring their story in Forbes Magazine, it may happen you know (Don’t smirk).

Their travel has started, and  it is still in it’s’ prime, they have miles to cover. Success doesn’t bear a definite meaning, sometimes it is an illusion made by some, to make us believe  that success is all about acquiring what other’s can’t, to an extent it is true but that doesn’t make you a leader. They want to explore new routes, and as a startup only fewer numbers of people know them, your label as a startup will change when you can show some attitude towards the client, trust me it’s not arrogance it’s confidence with a touch of haughtiness (all they want to make is hell lot of money, trust me).

"This was on a beautiful morning at Kolukkumalai in Kerala. Surrounded by misty clouds, sprawling tea plantations and a refreshing breeze, it was definitely worth riding all night from Kochi."

Featured image, and image no.1: courtesy

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